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Broken cell pine pollen powder

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Update time : 2018-06-20 17:51:00

Pine pollen contains many kinds of amino acids, especially 8 kinds of essential amino acids. Most of the amino acids are free.

Pine pollen is a kind of pollen used both for medicine and food in China's medical treasure-house. As a traditional Chinese medicine, it has been used both for medicine and food for thousands of years. It has been recorded in ancient medical classics from shennong bencao sutra 2,400 years ago to Chinese pharmacopoeia today.

Dispels the wind to benefit the gas, collects the wet, stops the blood.Treat head spin vertigo, empty stomach ache, long dysentery, all sores wet rot, wound bleeding.

Compendium of materia medica: nourishing the heart and lungs, invigorating qi, removing wind, hemostasis.You can make wine.

Bamboo huayin: to cure chronic dysentery, detoxify alcohol, and purify blood heat.

This sutra meets the original: remove rheumatism, cure acne wet rot.

Biochemical food and beverage spectrums: blood polyps are cultivated in winemaking masters.

Transaction jiangsu herbal medicine journal: prevention of perspiration rash.External use for wound hemostasis.

Buried Chinese medicine journal of sichuan: astringency and hemostasis.Treat skin eczema, yellow water sore wet rot not scab.

"A solution to this grass" : pine flowers, sweet taste and invigorating the spleen, the temperature is ok, the spleen for the stomach to carry its fluid, the heart and lungs, so moisten the heart and lungs.Yiqi, the temperature yihegan Yang qi, the flavor of the spleen qi is also sweet.Air ventilation to the liver, air temperature to spread the liver, so the wind.Spleen blood, sweet taste and spleen, so hemostasis.Wine can be made, fragrant and strong, suitable for wine.

Pine pollen is the pollen of Chinese native tree species masson pine and oil pine growing in the area between 1100 and 1500 meters above sea level. Compared with bee pollen, pine pollen is artificially collected and has the characteristics of single flower source, pure quality, stable ingredients, no pesticide residues, and no animal hormones.Pine pollen has a better taste than any other plant pollen, and can be used with a light fragrance.The ancients said: "the air of pine and cypress can make people live longer!"So pine pollen is the king of pollen.Through scientific research and practice, long-term use of non-toxic side effects.

Pine pollen is the spermatophore of pinus chinensis, which is responsible for the reproduction of pinus chinensis. It contains more than 200 kinds of nutritive ingredients.Its health care function is big, the adjustment range is wide, it is veritable "health guard".Therefore, users of different ages and constitutions can get good results in a short period of time and to varying degrees.

Modern scientific studies have shown that pine pollen contains a variety of nutrients, including 22 amino acids, 14 vitamins and more than 30 trace elements, as well as a large number of active proteases, nuclear, flavonoids and other active substances.Pine pollen is rich in protein in the form of free amino acids, more than 5-7 times of milk, eggs;Vitamin C content is higher than fresh fruits and vegetables, known as the king of natural vitamins.Taking pine pollen can reduce fatigue and strengthen physical strength in a short time.Constipation disappeared, good digestion;Delicate skin and rosy complexion;Steady sleep and pleasant mood;High energy and good memory.


The function of pine pollen

Poor digestion and absorption: often eat pine pollen, can absorb enough vitamin B1, stimulate the production of digestive enzymes, increase appetite.For obstinate constipation and diarrhea, pine pollen contains sufficient vitamin B6, mineral magnesium, methionine and other ingredients, which can inhibit constipation caused by gastroenteric spasm caused by tension, and prevent constipation caused by hard stool caused by insufficient cholinergic secretion.Pine pollen also contains antibiotics and growth substances, which can control coliform bacteria, salmonella, etc., and can be used to treat constipation and diarrhea.
Gastrointestinal diseases: including stomach pain, stomach and duodenal ulcer, perforation, etc.Pine pollen can absorb enough active amino acids and active enzymes to repair the damage to the gastrointestinal tract and achieve the goal of radical treatment.
Prostatitis: a common disease in older men, which has a great impact on the body.Countless reports in Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Japan have shown that pollen can cure prostate cancer, with an 80 percent success rate, and patients with sensory enhancement.This is largely because of the most reliable and abundant source of zinc, the mineral found in pollen.Doctor at COKK COUNTRY hospital in Chicago.INing Buen and Dr Alred Eamm had detailed reports of this.Pollen is the best treatment for prostatitis, argues Dr. Saito saito of the urology department at Nagasaki university in Japan in 1967.
Anti-aging: pharmacological experiments have proved that the combination of pine pollen with a large number of anti-oxidation substances, such as vitamin E, carotene and trace element selenium, can inhibit the body's lipid and protein peroxidation reaction and have the effect of delaying the aging.When pine pollen enters the human body, it can enhance the activity of SOD, increase the order of magnitude and enhance the ability of scavenging free radicals. At the same time, it can remove the age spots deposited on the skin surface and in the brain, heart and liver organs, inhibit the aging of tissue cells, inhibit the aging of human body, and improve the immune ability of human body.
Cold: cold has no medicine cure, rely on physical strength only to recover, eat loose pollen can increase physical strength, strengthen to cold resistance and cure force.
Liver cancer: more pine pollen can promote the activity of liver cells, normal cholinergic secretion, balanced nutrition absorption, normal cardiac function, prevent liver diseases, and promote the liver detoxification function.
Kidney disease: the most common form of kidney disease is poor filtration, which is caused by the rupture of the glomerulus, mainly due to lack of commitment, and can turn into hypertension and other circulatory diseases.Pine pollen can supply enough potassium, amino acids and enzymes to stop the rupture of the glomerulus and repair damaged tissue to prevent cancer cells from developing.
Dr.Peter hemuss, a gynecologist at the university of Virginia, willam ahipmau and Leonard Cole of the Stanford institute of research, the national association for disease control, Winnipcg national hospital in Canada and countless other medical research units have reported that frequent pollen consumption can inhibit the development of cancer cells.
Allergy: allergy is a harmless substance in the body caused by adverse reactions, symptoms include nasal congestion, runny nose, swelling eyes, sneezing, cough, itching, etc.Allergies to original mold, dust, feathers, insect stings, chemicals, even pollen.However, taking pine pollen for a long time can absorb the allergens and build up the immune system in the body to eliminate the allergic constitution.Dr.William Peterson, medical blogger at Oklahoma, USA, has a lot of guidance on this.Pine pollen has good effects on allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, red nose and other allergies.
Diabetes: eating pine pollen can absorb sufficient amount of vitamin B6, so as to control tryptophan from converting into xanuric acid, which has an absolute preventive effect on diabetes.It can provide enough mineral potassium to the patients, promote the normal metabolism of fat and protein, prevent the risk of poisoning caused by ketone body, and guarantee the life safety of diabetic patients.Pine pollen has enough active amino acids and active enzymes to repair damaged pancreatic tissue, promote insulin secretion and reduce diabetes symptoms.
Arthritis: includes patients with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.Pollen contains enough protein, calcium, vitamins and other micronutrients to prevent and treat arthritis, according to Dr.Bingham of hot springs, California.
Anaemia: take pine pollen to supplement iron, copper, protein, promote hematopoietic function and the increase of red blood cell, can increase about 20% of red blood cell, can effectively cure anaemia.
Obesity: eating pine pollen absorbs enough nutrition to make you feel full. Meanwhile, pine pollen contains a lot of lecithin, which can burn excess fat to achieve the goal of losing weight.
White hair: the mineral sulfur and pantothenic acid in pine pollen can make white hair turn black hair, have beautiful hair effect.
Zits: pine pollen supplies a lot of vitamins, minerals, zinc and magnesium, and has a good effect on zits and other skin diseases, such as dandruff and makeup allergies.Vitamin A can nourish pores, vitamin B6 can improve skin quality, vitamin B2 can promote the metabolism of saturated fatty acids, so that the skin no longer greasy, reduce the occurrence of acne.
Skin spots: such as black spots, freckles and dermatitis are all caused by the unhealthy skin cells and the blocked metabolism and detoxification function. Pine pollen can promote metabolic function, restore health and eliminate spots on the skin.
Women's disease: period is not allowed, dysmenorrhea, anaemia and menopause syndrome, pine pollen has magical effect, mainly because pine pollen can provide enough nutrition, promote the normal endocrine, the contraction of the uterus is normal, and then treat many women's diseases.
Heart disease, hypertension, and atherosclerosis of blood vessels: pine pollen contains a large amount of vitamin B6, which can control the atherosclerosis caused by methionine transformation. Pine pollen contains a large amount of RUTIN, which can increase vascular elasticity, strengthen capillaries, and reduce blood pressure.
Overfatigue: it is a relief to be pessimistic, neurotic, sleepless, headache, forgetfulness, and distracted.Pine pollen can regulate the balance of the body's function, can stabilize the mood, not easily angry spirit happy.
Slow growth and lack of intelligence: the longevity factor in pine pollen can promote the growth of children. Pine pollen contains a lot of amino acids, which can promote the development of cerebral cortex and increase the IQ.In addition, pine pollen still has the effect of improving athletes' performance, making women's skin tender and making old people live longer.There are examples of treatment for the removal of halitosis, asthma, hemorrhoids and hangovers.It has obvious effects on flat warts, excessive dandruff, ringworm, beriberi, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and postoperative recovery.
Because the pine pollen has the most comprehensive nutrients, its extensive effect than words can describe, such as pine pollen for anemia, dysmenorrhea, rheumatism, rheumatoid disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, menopausal syndrome, rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, almond, warts, acne, acne, scleroderma, lupus erythematosus, cataracts, glaucoma, hemorrhoids, growth and development, scald, etc have got satisfactory effect, to enhance immunity, and postoperative recovery effect is extremely obvious.