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Happy work, earnest life

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Update time : 2017-08-10 10:31:00

In early August 2017, our team travelling to Taiwan.A week around the island tourism, the Chinese Taipei Palace Museum treasures, solemn memorial hall, the father of one of the world's tallest building "101" of the building, picturesque poetic lake lakes and mountains, beautiful and charming alishan shenmu and brilliant spring one thousand, and chung tai chan monastery wenwu temple culture of Confucianism and Buddhism, kaohsiung west bay beautiful night view, kenting cat nose, goose process park spectacle, yangmingshan park cuckoo flowers, taroko scenic valley giant white appearance, the tropic of cancer in stone landmarks, unique landscape water into the upper, yehliu headland strange sea...Let us feel the heart of pure beauty again and again.

Taiwan is located on the southeast coast of mainland China's continental shelf, faces the Pacific on the east, adjacent to the ryukyu islands in the northeast, south bashi channel and the Philippine islands, west on the other side of the Taiwan strait and fujian province, with a total area of about 3.6 square kilometers, including Taiwan, lanyu, green island, the diaoyu islands and other 21 affiliated islands and the penghu archipelago of 64 islands.The area of Taiwan island is 35882.6258 square kilometers. It is the largest island in China. It has become a mountainous and hilly area. The plains are mainly concentrated in the western coastal areas.Due to the tropical and subtropical climate, natural landscape and ecological resources are abundant.With a population of about 23.5 million, more than 70 percent of the population is concentrated in the 5 metropolitan areas of the west, with the largest city, Taipei, which is the primary city of Taipei.